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Whether you run a business, and have your own IT infractructure, or if you offer professional IT services, in any case, power outages can be expensive. Data might be lost, employees can not work and there may be annoyed costumers who can not access your services.

To prevent server breakdowns, or the outage of other important electrical systems, we supply uninterruptible power supplies UPS/USV by Sunlight, Ventura, CSB, Leoch, Great Power and others.

Also, to obtain certification for your server room, UPS's are mandatory.

If normal power has not been restored, and the UPS is running low, at least the servers can power down normally to prevent losing data.

In hospitals UPSs can be a live saver when patients are relying on medical equipment like respirators.

UPSs also can be used to buffer energy produced by solar panels.

In urban infrastructure, UPSs can be used to operate temporary traffic lights in case there is no other power supply.

UPS are also very useful at a camp site . You can have all the comforts of home with an uninterruptable power supply (UPS).

In hotels, a temporary alternate power supply reassures the guests, and they can also run the emergency lightning.

On construction sites, electricity is often needed, before the main supply is connected. UPSs can offer peak demand, e.g. for heavy power tools, and recharge at a slower rate, from a much smaller electrical supply.

For all emergency systems a UPS is a must in military installations.

UPSs are also handy in boats to deliver electric power.

In airport ups are mandatory in order to guarantee normal operations in the case of a power breakdown.

We offer the product range of a wide range of ups producers (Sunlight, Ventura, CSB, Leoch, Great Power) to be sure we have the right one for you.

Contact Electromotor LLC. via telephone: +38097 782 30 78.

Our address: 39 a Prospect Lisoviy Avenue, Kyiv.


Yours faithfully, Anna Argunovska


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